A Farewell to Arms
A Farewell to Arms

Featuring the ineffable acting talents of Clark Gable and Josephine Hutchinson, the "A Farewell to Arms" anthology series brings Ernest Hemingway's timeless classic to life as a feature-length audio series.
Set against the backdrop of the First World War's Italian Front, and the horrors of that dreaded conflict, "A Farewell to Arms" centres around Lieutenant Frederic Henry, an American officer serving in the Italian army as an ambulance driver. When he finds himself smitten with an English nurse by the name of Catherine, he must struggle against the brutal realities of the war sweeping across the country if he hopes to carve out a life for himself and his new love.

Author Ernest Hemingway
CategoryClassic Drama, Classic Romance, Classic History
CastClark Gable, Josephine Hutchinson