About Us

AUK+ is the UK orientated channel for audio entertainment, from audio drama, to audio books, audio documentaries and audio shows, and everything in between!

Listen on your phone, TV or other devices in due course. With a wide and growing catalogue of audio entertainment such as drama, Sci-Fi, comedy, interviews and so much more! As well as third party content we will also be bringing you exclusive audio content and shows you cannot find anywhere else!

Both an advert free and more substantial subscription model, as well as a free to listen advert supported model will be available very soon!

For a small monthly fee you will be able to listen to wide range of content you actually want to listen to which is not available on other platforms, and new content creation will be created, guided and selected over time by you, our community of listeners

Download the app now from –

Apple app store

Google Play Android app store

Other apps and ways to listen coming soon!

Simply sign up, select you free or subscription model and then listen as much as you want to want you want!

During the first early period of live operation of AUK+ the choice of content will be more restricted but grow quickly as we scale the system.

Operated by AUK Digital Ltd working in partnership with some of the best creatives in the UK and beyond.