Story of Louis Pasteur
Story of Louis Pasteur

Starring the ineffable talent of Josephine Hutchinson, Anita Louise and Donald Woods, and Paul Muni, "The Story of Louis Pasteur" tells the tale of the renowned scientist's life and his pioneering discoveries.
A proponent of the theory that diseases are caused by microbes, Pasteur is mocked and hounded by both his peers and even the emperor. Forced to flee despite his best efforts to call attention to the dangerous practises in place, he and a loyal group of researchers nevertheless work tirelessly to prove the chemist right. It is only when a team of his former colleagues appear on his doorstep and challenge his assertions that he has a chance to exonerate himself, even if he must risk imprisonment - or even execution - to do so.

Author Sheridan Gibney, Pierre Collings
CategoryClassic Biography, Classic Drama, Classic History
CastJosephine Hutchinson, Anita Louise, Donald Woods, Paul Muni