A Star is Born
A Star is Born

Featuring stellar performances by actors Janet Gaynor and Robert Montgomery, "A Star is Born" tells the tale of North Dakota farm girl Esther Blodgett, and her success under the guidance of fading star Norman Maine.
Dreaming of finding success as a Hollywood actress, Esther meets with Norman Maine, himself a household name, though one fading in popularity due to alcoholism ravaging his career. Despite his misgivings, Norman chooses to mentor Esther, and by some stroke of luck, her silver screen debut sends her popularity skyrocketing - while Norman's continues to plummet. Gripped by both jealous and love, he must confront both his feelings and his crippling addiction if he is to ever find any semblance of happiness for them both.

Author Lux Radio Theatre
CategoryClassic Drama, Classic Romance
CastRobert Montgomery, Janet Gaynor